Prevent those who haven't paid for your digital information products from using them!

Media Viewer

The Media Viewer Tool that Protects Your Videos and Information Products from Piracy

At last, you can control access to all your videos, pdfs, sound files, web apps!
Now you can sell digital products online and be sure every copy is paid for!
It's perfect for anyone who creates information products or membership sites!

You have never believed that it could be done? .................... Prepare to be amazed!

Admit it! You must have wondered, at least once, how many times your training videos or your "how to" .pdf files have been passed on to the friends of those people who downloaded them, or how often unauthorized people use your membership website or web apps with a "shared" user name and password, because there was no way for you to prevent the piracy...

You must have wished, at least once, that you didn't have to give money back to buyers of your training videos or .pdf files who asked for a refund under your guarantee terms...

And, whenever you honoured your guarantee, you must have wished, at least once, that you could prevent those people from continuing to use your video or .pdf information products after they had downloaded them...

How frustrating that must be! How aggravating to think that you might've been cheated!

How upsetting to count up all the refunded money which should've stayed in your pocket!

If only there were a way to discourage those refund requests!
If only there were a way to stop those cheats! If only there were... If only...

Well... now THERE IS !!!

The Abacus Media Viewer is a remarkable software tool that enables the creator of videos, .pdf files, etc., to build a software media player for each information product, called a MultiMedia Viewer, which enables the copyright owner to control how the videos and information files can be used, when they can be used, and who can use them, in both trial and purchased versions of each product. Moreover, the information files* cannot be copied and pasted, or passed on to people who have not paid for them.

You can also prevent unauthorized access to web apps and membership sites by people who "share" user names & passwords.

As a bonus to your customers, the Abacus MultiMedia Viewer also contains an RSS Reader. You use the Abacus Media Viewer tool to configure it for RSS feeds related to your subject. Furthermore, your customers can add and remove any RSS feeds at will.

*The Abacus MultiMedia Viewer uses the .rtf file format, not .pdf. This means that you do not need to buy any .pdf file creation software; you can use the Abacus Media Viewer tool itself or the free Microsoft WordPad editor to create your information files.

You create video and/or .rtf files for sale to your customers.

You tell the Abacus Media Viewer the download URLs.

You generate an Abacus MultiMedia Viewer for your information product.

You protect the Abacus MultiMedia Viewer in a wrapper.

You sell your own branded information product, protected against piracy.

Abacus MultiMedia Viewer - System

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